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A Virtual Business Resource Center Empowering Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Businesses


Converge. Collide. Create.  
Striving for gender parity and racial equity by empowering women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and the next-generation entrepreneurs through the collaboration of academic partners, companies, and the community

Our Story


When we started our journey in 2015, we knew that our small business community of women and people of color was comparatively underperforming.  Our founder, an attorney by training, with a passion for social justice, began to design a resource center to help our women-owned and minority-owned small businesses. 
In 2016, The Study USA was launched in partnership with the City of Irving to equip a physical facility to serve as the hub for our women0owned and minority-owned business community – a place to converge, collide, and create.  We grew our community through the efforts of many small business owners working together. 
With the onset of the pandemic, our physical facility was no longer our focus.  We pivoted to providing resources virtually, including the launch of the “It’s My Business” Series to help our business community navigate the stimulus funding as well as pursue alternative revenue streams.
We were awed by the resourceful and determination of our small business community – our business owners truly came together to help one another.  Indeed, the ability to connect virtually broadened our impact.
In the summer of 2021, after careful consideration, we opted to operate virtually only.  Like many businesses, we recognized that we can scale our impact by shedding our physical location.

We have a strong community of small business owners, resources, subject matter experts, and mastermind cohorts converging. Colliding, and creating virtually.  We welcome you to join us!     

We believe that we work best when we have flexibility.  We think that the office is "where you are." 

With an emphasis on connecting  virtually, our tools and resources are geared to

meeting you where you are - because that is where your business is. 

Access to Peer-to-peer networking to spark innovation and develop best practices

Subject Matter Experts: Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Operations

Tools to build your business, Mastermind Cohorts, Resources, Direct Business Development 



TEL: 214.306.9334   |  THESTUDYUSA.COM

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